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Ben Bell has been building professional bassoons for 25 years and production is approaching 100 bassoons. His desire to create was born of the experience gained while repairing bassoons in the late 1970's with Frank Marcus and Ivor Rothwell at Marcus Bassoon Repair in Toronto. Derek Bell joined the workshop full-time in 2008.

Bell Bassoons is located near Stoney Lake, just north of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. In 2008 a new workshop was constructed as demand for Ben's instruments continues to grow. Ben also produces a range of bocals and a Bell-designed reed profiler which is proving extremely popular.

Ben brings a rare talent to his craft. He is a bassoonist. He studied with Stephen Franse in Calgary and Nicholas Kilburn and David Carroll in Toronto, graduating with a B.Mus. in performance from the University of Toronto.

European Distributor

We are thrilled to announce the new cooperation between BELL BASSOONS LIMITED, Gustavo Nuñez and the AMSTERDAM BASSOON CENTER and are very proud to present the all new BELL AMSTERDAM model.


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