We build a modern instrument with an equally divided long joint and bell. Two models are available, a thick wall and a thin wall. The thin wall is pitched at A-440. The thick wall is pitched at A-442.

Bell Bassoons speak easily, they are very flexible with an even resonance throughout. (Read what the players say)

All keywork is silver plated. 

Keywork is based on conventional modern key design. All custom keywork is available at additional cost.

Standard keywork on both models includes high D & E keys and the following rollers:

Boot Joint - little finger F, Ab, F#

Boot Joint - thumb Bb, F# and Ab

Long Joint - little finger Eb, C#; left thumb low C roller

The standard bell is made in one piece, with choice of metal or white end ring available. 

We carefully choose the wood for its hardness, weight and specific gravity. All four pieces for each bassoon are carefully selected from the same tree. This guarantees consistent resonance throughout the instrument.

The majority of our bassoons are made from highly figured, curly European maple. Canadian maple, while being somewhat heavier, is unparalleled in it's beauty and the denser tonal characteristics make it worthy of consideration.

breaking in the instrument:
Most customers make the change to a Bell bassoon as their principal instrument very easily. It is not unusual for a musician to receive the bassoon in the morning and play it, in concert, in the evening. At the same time we design our instruments with an eye to the future. Our research shows that some areas of the bore get smaller and other areas larger as a bassoon ages. We take this into account so, like fine wine, the Bell bassoon improves with age.

Our bassoons are delivered to you in a Marcus Bonna case (56cm x 30cm x 10cm) that will allow you to take the instrument on as carry-on luggage on domestic and international flights. 

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